Opening: The new iconoclasm.

Saturday 1 Febrary 2020 at 5 pm (until 7 pm)


After two intriguing solo exhibitions, the artist Faisel Saro presents his work for the third time in Galerie Noord. This time he does it under the title: The new iconoclasm. According to the artist Faisel Saro a storm is raging over our contemporary Western visual culture. This new Iconoclasm opposes the worship of icons that contribute to `disadvantage`of people.


In the new iconoclasm Saro connects historical and colonial layers from his past with conflicting icons from the contemporary. With his work, Saro wants to contribute to a natural social process that simply has to take place in our multicultural society.


Hope to welcome you warmly during the opening. It promises to be a special opening. The exhibition can be seen from 1 to 27 February 2020.


Artist Statement

The main reason for my work is to appeal on feeling and empathy. I do this to make the obserber aware of his position in relation to others.

Social sculpture

A social sculptures is a 3D sculpture in wich mutual positions of bodies are expressed.



A sociogram is a graphical representation of social connections and relationships.