Artist Statement

The main reason for my work is to appeal on feeling and empathy. I do this to make the obserber aware of his position in relation to others.

Social sculpture

A social sculptures is a 3D sculpture in wich mutual positions of bodies are expressed.



A sociogram is a graphical representation of social connections and relationships.





Expositie Traceren.

Esther IJssels, Peter Dijk en Faisel Saro 

2th and 29 st April 2021.

Galerie Noord, Groningen.








Artist Talk - Faisel Saro - The new iconoclasm.

Friday 7th and 21st Febrary 2020 at 19:00 uur until 20:30 uur.

Galerie Noord, Groningen.

Hope to welcome you warmly during the Artist Talk.








Opening: The new iconoclasm.

Saturday 1 Febrary 2020 at 5 pm (until 7 pm)


According to the artist Faisel Saro a storm is raging over our contemporary Western visual culture. This new Iconoclasm opposes the worship of icons that contribute to `disadvantage`of people. 


Michiel de Ruyter was untill recently seen as a brave Dutch naval hero, but his heroic deeds are nowadays overshadowed by less beautiful facts.


In the new iconoclasm Saro connects historical and colonial layers from his past with conflicting icons from the contemporary. With his work, Saro wants to contribute to a natural social process that simply has to take place in our multicultural society.


Hope to welcome you warmly during the opening. It promises to be a special opening. The exhibition can be seen from 1 to 27 February 2020.