Screenshot from Keloid  The exihibition Black in Groningen in The Groninger Museum .



Short video

Faisel Saro 2022


Faisel Saro investigated the traces of Groningen´s history of slavery in his own body.


He looked at signs that reveal themselves on his body. One of the signs that he discovered on his black skin was keloid. Keloid is aformation of scar tissue, the result of damage of the skin. The formation of connective tissue tends to be more extreme in people with dark skin tones. As a descendant of people who have been enslaved, the artist claims that this extreme formation of connective tissue might be a result of natural selection. People whose wounds, caused by the wip, healed faster had a greater chance of survival. Society´s whippings are still pal, according to Faisel Saro. `These experiences are recorded on my body like graph. `His most painfull experiences with racism have led to the creation of this piece.

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